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The lottery system “Superlotto” enables lottery operators to introduce a new concept of the organization of lotteries – to broadcast traditional lotteries online directly from a TV studio with lottery draws executed as frequently as every few minutes.

The possibility for the player to watch these lotteries in real time contributes to perception of reliability of these lotteries, i.e. the result of such lotteries no longer depends on the computer – and this is the main difference from other interactive lotteries, i.e. 5 minutes Keno and similar run with computer generated results.

The “Superlotto” lotteries may be integrated in any internet website or accessed through mobile devices. It should also be noted that all lottery draws are retained and can be retrieved at any time from the archives. Furthermore, the lottery system “Superlotto” also allows to distribute lottery tickets through the networks of the operator’s partners, and every operator or its partner has the possibility to analyze all statistics of lotteries within the limits of its rights.

The “Superlotto” lotteries are simple and attractive to play. Currently, we there’re three Superlotto games – the fixed payout “7/42” and “5/36”, and with a growing jackpot “Interjackpot”. In the fixed payout game “7/42” there is a possibility to guess even up to 14 lucky numbers (in “5/36” – up to 10). The possibility of choosing the ticket price is also available. The winning depends on the numbers played and guessed.

The “Interjackpot” game is run on the basis of the lottery game “7/42”. JACKPOT increases with every purchased ticket. Moreover, the game can be run by a multiple lottery operators at the same time, with joint contribution to the main prize. The high frequency of the game gives dynamic to the JACKPOT growth and it is attractive for the players.


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