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A lottery machine draws 7 winning numbers out of a field of 42 balls during each live – streamed event.

The balls are drawn one by one in a row.

Recommended maximum winning – 50 000

Recommended payout 6070 %



Procedures of the lottery ticket sale



1 Ticket price

2 Numbers to be guessed – from 8 to 14 (out of 42)


After these steps system immediately calculates and shows possible prize


3 Draws quantity - from 1 to 8

4 Table where players choose their numbers


Player can choose the numbers manually


Options to choose the numbers:


Random Number Generator

Favorite number

add to Favorites


5 After all selections – ticket sale procedures are completed. Please try our DEMO version here



Additional information



A video archive and results of all draws are available anytime

Lottery draws statistics are available for all the times





Table of prize breakdown:

a) On the left column - guessed numbers on the draw, on the top line - how many numbers have been chosen

b) Winning amount is the result of multiplication of the number at intersection of the lines by the price of the ticket



* In case there is more than one winner the prize is shared



Special cases



Audio or video transmission failures shall not affect the game play results of the lottery

In the case of incorrectly announced numbers of rolled balls, the game play results of the lottery shall be registered on the basis of the video broadcast