Key Data

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  • Bonus features
    Multiply your win x2, x5 or even x10 times!
  • Platforms

Game logic – There are six lines with three hidden symbols and a prize next to it. You win the prize when three symbols on the same line match. The prize multiplier is rotated separately for each line. The prize is multiplied only if the three symbols on the line match.

There are two BONUS games!

  • BONUS game “PAPYRUS”. If a “PAPYRUS” symbol is found, then at the end of the game it replaces a random unlucky symbol with any other symbol. You change as many unlucky symbols, as many papyri symbols you find. If a line wins a prize after the symbol has been changed, a multiplier is also applied.
  • BONUS game “URNS”. If you find one symbol “URNS”, you will open 2 symbols in a BONUS game, if you find 2 – you will open 4, etc. In total, you can find 5 characters “URNS” and open up to 10 characters in a BONUS game. You win if you find two equal sums! Winnings are summed up!

RTP – 70%*
Outcome – RNG or pregenerated*
Max prize – 20 000*
Price range – 0,1 to 20*

Adjustable* – the operator is flexible to set/choose features according to the demand