Lithuania’s SuperlottoTV lands WeAreCasino deal

Lithuanian online lottery provided SuperlottoTV has become the latest company to be added to WeAreCasino’s portfolio of products.

The two companies announced they reached a distribution deal and the games will be integrated into WeAreCasino Aggregating Platform of games.

SuperlottoTV supplies two types of lottery services: live broadcasts of lottery draw every 5 minutes directly from the studio and e-Instant/scratch lottery games, standing out with exciting animation and a wide range of themes including sports, adventure, nature, mysteries and many others.

“We are excited to add such an important provider to our portfolio of products,” said WeAreCasino Chief Commercial Officer Christian Maglia. “SuperlottoTV is one of the most recognised gaming providers in northern Europe, and is another important addition for WeAreCasino as we further expand in this highly competitive market.”

Discussing the firm’s plans for the remainder of 2018, SuperlottoTV Chief Commercial Officer Milda Mikelioniene told “The last two quarters of the year are meant for the development of scratch games. The good news for our followers is that we are going to launch twice as many of such games by the end of the year.

“One more exciting news is that we are working on a completely new direction, known as sports lottery – Sportloto. Our aim is to make lottery even more attractive and intriguing for real sport fans. What makes this new service so thrilling is that it is connected to the real sport events taking place at that particular moment in the world.”

Totally Gaming says: WeAreCasino is an ambitious, up-and-coming online gaming firm, while SuperlottoTV is one of Europe’s most recognisable online lottery providers, so this deal shouldn’t come as any great surprise. Pioneers in the live lottery five-minute concept, SuperlottoTV will be a welcome addition to the WeAreCasino portfolio.

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