Key Data

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  • Recommended RTP
  • Bonus features
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Game logic – The game consists of 5 “Lucky” symbols, in the centre of the game, 14 “Your” symbols, on top and bottom of the game and OMEGA symbol. To win the prize, at least one “Lucky” symbol needs to match “Your” symbol.

  • SPECIAL symbol is in the centre. If it matches “Your” symbol, it will open all hidden “Your symbols” and turn them into lucky ones!
  • Finding LIGHTNING symbol, will take you to BONUS game where you will find 10 golden coins. Open golden coins and collect prizes until you see “Gorgone”, which ends the game.
  • Symbol OMEGA – won prize in main game can be randomly multiplied X2 of X5 times, if OMEGA symbol above becomes a multiplier.

RTP – 70%*

Outcome – RNG or pregenerated*
Max prize – 20 000*
Price range – 0,1 to 20*

Adjustable* – the operator is flexible to set/choose features according to the demand